A Word on Compliance … From the Enforcers

In an effort to improve both enforcement practices and corporate compliance efforts, the Ethics Resource Center hosted a Policy Summit on Feb. 12, 2013, called “Improving Corporate Conduct through Pro-Compliance Enforcement Practices.” ACC Advocacy staff attended the summit, as part … Continue reading

Holder Should Support Executive Order On Attorney-Client Privilege

“The Coalition to Preserve Attorney-Client Privilege urges Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder to support a Presidential Executive Order requiring all federal agencies to adopt reforms of agency policies on attorney-client privilege similar to those adopted by the Department of Justice … Continue reading

Department of Justice Retracts McNulty Memo Privilege Waiver Guidelines

August 28, 2008 – The DOJ, in a press conference today, released new corporate prosecution guidelines which parallel requirements demanded in the Attorney-Client Privilege Protection Act, which ACC has actively championed. These guidelines, now part of the DOJ’s attorney handbook, … Continue reading