Help for Nonprofits – ACC applauds IRS for making clear that helpful rule covers many program-related investments

Nonprofits confront many serious challenges in our society. And to really make a difference, they need the flexibility to support causes with a range of financial partnerships. The IRS has recognized this in theory. But the rules haven’t been clear. … Continue reading

Nonprofit Organizations Committee Supports Proposed Law De-Listing Cell Phones as Compensation

The ACC Nonprofit Organizations Committee, in a letter to the ranking members of the Finance and Ways and Means Committees, registers its support of S. 144 and H.R. 690, which, if enacted, will delist employer-provided cellular phones, Blackberrys, or Windows … Continue reading

ACC Files Amicus in US v. Textron to Protect Work Product

The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in an amicus curiae brief filed today with the First Circuit Court of Appeals, contending that corporate counsel and their corporate clients would be denied work product rights … Continue reading