A Word on Compliance … From the Enforcers

In an effort to improve both enforcement practices and corporate compliance efforts, the Ethics Resource Center hosted a Policy Summit on Feb. 12, 2013, called “Improving Corporate Conduct through Pro-Compliance Enforcement Practices.” ACC Advocacy staff attended the summit, as part … Continue reading

Holder Should Support Executive Order On Attorney-Client Privilege

“The Coalition to Preserve Attorney-Client Privilege urges Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder to support a Presidential Executive Order requiring all federal agencies to adopt reforms of agency policies on attorney-client privilege similar to those adopted by the Department of Justice … Continue reading

California Appellate Court Rules Privilege Not Waived in Coercive Federal Investigation

The 4th District Court of Appeals for California ruled that the trial court correctly held that defendants’ cooperation with federal agencies did not waive attorney-client and work product privileges in Regents of the University of California v. Superior Court, 81 … Continue reading

SEC Releases New Guidance Manual Reflecting Increased Protections of Privilege

Oct 7, 2008 – In yet another positive development in the fight to protect privilege in corporate investigations, the SEC posted on its website a new Enforcement Manual for guidance to investigatory staff. This new guidance closely tracks the protections … Continue reading

Department of Justice Retracts McNulty Memo Privilege Waiver Guidelines

August 28, 2008 – The DOJ, in a press conference today, released new corporate prosecution guidelines which parallel requirements demanded in the Attorney-Client Privilege Protection Act, which ACC has actively championed. These guidelines, now part of the DOJ’s attorney handbook, … Continue reading