ACC Urges Protection of Confidential Business Information in California Supreme Court Amicus Letter

On January 10th, ACC filed a letter brief with the Supreme Court of California supporting the petition for review of a case raising the question of whether a court should sanction an attorney for the mishandling or misuse of non-privileged … Continue reading

DON’T SUE AFTER READING THIS: ACC files California amicus brief supporting employment arbitration

Sorry to do this to you. But take the words in the next sentence, and sing them to the song from Barney: “I sue you, you sue me, we live in court and pay money.” First, please don’t sue us … Continue reading

It’s a Buyers’ Market — Let’s Treat It that Way in the Courts

ACC filed an amicus letter with a federal court in Manhattan on Friday, March 15, joining a protest against the plaintiffs’ lawyers inappropriately marking up fees for temp lawyers (also known as contract lawyers). Just as in a real estate … Continue reading

Sanctions for Everyone? If One District Court Opinion Stands, Maybe.

Raise your hand if this is how your company runs its legal department: All in-house lawyers who might attend trials must have a thorough and precise knowledge of each and every one of the tens of thousands of documents that … Continue reading

ACC and its Intellectual Property Committee Recommend Changes to Inter Partes and Post-Grant Reviews

Today, the ACC and its Intellectual Property Committee submitted comments regarding the proposed rules of the Patent and Trademark Office  relating to the Inter Partes Review and Post-Grant Review proceedings to be implemented pursuant to the America Invents Act.  In … Continue reading

ACC and ACC Chicago File Amicus in Illinois Supreme Court Over Privilege Waiver Issue

ACC and ACC Chicago Chapter joined the Illinois State Bar Association in an amicus curiae brief filed with the Illinois Supreme Court on January 25. ACC argues the Illinois appellate court decision in Central Partners v. Growth Head GP, LLC, … Continue reading

ACC Amicus Brief in Friedman v. Sebelius Opposes HHS Secretary’s Application of Exclusion to In-House Counsel

ACC filed an amicus brief on June 28th in the D.C. Circuit urging the court to reject the Health and Human Services Secretary’s exclusion of an in-house attorney from federal health care programs, pursuant to the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine, … Continue reading