Rule 5.5 MJP/UPL Current

See SCR 20:5.5.

In-House Counsel Rule

See above.

Pro Hac Vice

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 10.03(4) states that no individual other than an enrolled active member of the state bar may practice law. A judge may allow a nonresident counsel to appear in his or her court and participate in a particular action or proceeding in association with an active member of the state bar of Wisconsin who appears and participates in the action or proceeding. Permission to the nonresident lawyer may be withdrawn by the judge granting it if the lawyer by his or her conduct manifests incompetency to represent a client in a Wisconsin court or by his or her unwillingness to abide by the rules of professional conduct for attorneys and the rules of decorum of the court.

Some Circuit Courts in Wisconsin have their own pro hac vice rules, for example, Adams County Circuit Court Rule 6 governs pro hac vice appearance in that court.

Admission on Motion

In an order dated January 6, 2009, Wisconsin has amended its Admission on Motion rule, Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 40.05, eliminating prior reciprocity requirements, effective January 1, 2009. Under the amended rule, lawyers with proof of three years’ practice within the last 5 years, in any state, territory, the District of Columbia, or the federal government may be admitted.

See Wisconsin Supreme Court Order Amending Rule 40.05, dated Jan. 6, 2009

For further information and forms please see the Wisconsin Court System’s Page on Admission

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