Rule 5.5 MJP/UPL

A lawyer shall not:

(1) Practice law in a jurisdiction where doing so violates the regulation of the legal profession in that jurisdiction; or

(2) Assist a person who is not a member of the bar, who has resigned from the bar, who has retired from the bar, or who has been suspended, disbarred, or placed on inactive status in the performance of activity that constitutes the unauthorized practice of law.

Connecticut MJP Rule

Connecticut 2-44A. Definition of The Practice of Law

In-House Counsel Rule

Connecticut’s Rule 5.5(d) governs in house counsel practice and Sec. 2-15A which authorizes attorneys licensed to practice in jurisdictions other than Connecticut to practice in Connecticut without a bar examination as long as they are exclusively employed by an organization. The attorney must be employed in Connecticut at the date of application for registration under the rule or relocating to Connecticut in furtherance of such employment within 3 months of the application and must receive compensation for activities performed for the business organization.

Pro Hac Vice

Connecticut’s pro hac vice admission is governed by Section 2-16.

Admission on Motion

Pursuant to Section 2-13, to be admitted without sitting for the Connecticut Bar Exam, the applicant must meet certain requirements and complete 17 forms typed and submitted to the:
Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
Motion Application Department
100 Washington Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06106


Connecticut Bar Association
30 Bank Street
New Britain, CT 06050
Phone (860) 223-4400
Fax (860) 223-4488

Connecticut Bar Examining Committee
100 Washington Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06106-4411
Phone (860) 706-5135
Hearing and Speech Impaired (800) 842-9710