Right to Practice Rules

The latest news: ACC sends comments to ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 and proposes freedom of movement for all lawyers.

ACC is continuing its longstanding work of promoting multijurisdictional practice reforms, and these comments were filed late July with the ABA Ethics 20/20 Commission which is considering changes to the ABA model rules to promote the better application of the rules to modern practice concerns. See ACC comments here.

Rules regulating the authorized practice of law are based on outdated concepts. We all agree that lawyers should be competent and accountable professionals who follow the rules of practice, but the idea that your client’s representational needs must be limited, to retention or employment of lawyers who hold a plenary license in each of the relevant jurisdictions in which the client has business, is an anachronism that demands reform.

ACC fights to help regulators across jurisdictions understand how to authorize the cross-border practice of competent lawyers who are in good standing in their “home” jurisdictions as they represent their clients in an increasingly borderless (and even multinational) practice environment.