Legal Strategies Department

Vice President and Chief Legal Strategist

My raison d’etre is to lead, provoke, engage in the most cutting edge conversations about the hot issues that confront our membership, from chief legal officers of the largest law departments to line counsel in the smallest ones. I work with other stakeholders in our ecosystem, such as government regulators, the courts and outside counsel, to advance the unique perspectives that in-house counsel share on a variety of fronts. Actually, I let my first-rate staff do all of that, so that I can just stare at the sky.

Director of Project Development

I manage all aspects of the ACC Value Challenge, reconnecting the cost of legal services to the value received. It’s all about applying management skills to improve efficiency and effectiveness in law departments and law firms. ACC is helping drive value in the legal marketplace by providing resources, sharing success stories, offering skill development programs and convening conversations on value. I also manage ACC’s Law Department Executive Leaders programs for the COOs of large law departments.

Legal Strategies Manager

I write and promote the use of clear, concise language in communications of our department’s work to advocate for the needs of the profession. I also serve as the front line for our effort to guide our members through the often nonsensical bar rules covering the practice of law in jurisdictions in which attorneys are not licensed.