ACC Advocacy is currently targeting the issues below for proactive efforts to advance our unique perspective as in-house lawyers. We are constantly looking for opportunities to present our views with courts, regulators and other stakeholders, but are also developing white papers and other resources to articulate our perspective, if no other vehicle exits. To succeed on them, we need your help. And, if you know of other issues that we should proactively address, please let us know!

Right to Practice
Gatekeeper Liability
Attorney-Client Privilege
Role and Status
ACC Value Challenge
Compliance & Ethics

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  • ACC Supports LSC Funding with Sign-on Letter

    In April, ACC organized general counsel to join a letter to Congress supporting continued funding for the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). The budget proposed by the administration seeks to eliminate LSC’s funding. LSC provides funds to many legal services providers … Continue reading

  • ACC Endorses the ICN Framework for Competition Agency Procedures

    ACC, along with other global business organizations, has endorsed the International Competition Network (ICN) Framework for Competition Agency Procedures (CAP). The CAP highlights and reinforces important due process principles in competition law investigations. See more here.