ACC Supports Proposed Right to Practice Legislation in the U.S. Virgin Islands

ACC Position: 

ACC supported a proposed bill that would permit in-house counsel from other jurisdictions to work for their client-employers. The summary of the pending bill correctly states that “[t]he ability of companies to freely move with in-house counsel is a necessity in today’s interconnected and heavily regulated business world.” Forty-seven states in the U.S. already recognize that reality in their rules. This is an opportunity for the Virgin Islands to join them, and to surpass Puerto Rico, in encouraging economic development. For the benefit of the corporations our members serve, we ask the U.S. Virgin Islands Legislature to pass the proposed bill as soon as possible. In short, passing the bill would bring the Virgin Islands more into line with the laws of the overwhelming majority of states in the U.S. that eagerly host vibrant economic hubs. Doing so would place the U.S. Virgin Islands on a level playing field with these economic engines in the United States, and would place it in a much more competitive situation than Montana, Mississippi, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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