ACC Files in Support of Illinois’ Foreign In-house Counsel Amendments

ACC Position: 

On July 8, 2015, ACC, its Chicago Chapter and numerous chief legal officers of Illinois companies filed comments strongly supporting the Illinois Supreme Court Rules Committee’s proposal to amend Rule 5.5 of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct and Supreme Court Rule 716 to allow practice by foreign in-house counsel. The rule as proposed is particularly positive because it recognizes that the structures and procedures related to the legal profession in foreign jurisdictions may vary, and foreign in-house counsel may not always be “licensed” or “admitted to practice” in the same manner as US lawyers. This means that in-house counsel from a country such as France, where in-house counsel are not admitted to practice and regulated by a public authority, would be able to practice under the Illinois rule. In addition to the proposed amendments to Rule 5.5 and Rule 716, the Supreme Court is considering several others.

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