The Future of Ethics for In-House Counsel: Going Boldly Where No Model Rules Has Gone Before

The jobs of in-house counsel have become more global and fluid, but ethics laws — on privilege, right to practice, and even technology — often still read like they come from dusty books left over from the 19th Century. Focusing, in part, on the recent work of the American Bar Association’s Ethics 20/20 Commission, this panel will discuss what in-house counsel need ethics rules to address, to allow them to practice law in ways that are as fluid, global and technologically savvy as their companies.


Ona Alston Dosunmu, General Counsel, The Brookings Institution; Chair of ACC Advocacy Committee and Member of ACC Board of Director
Wendy Patrick, Deputy District Attorney San Diego; Advisor California State Bar Ethics Commission
Judith Miller, Former General Counsel at Bechtel Group, Inc.; former Member of ABA 20/20 Commission
Evan Schultz, Senior Counsel and Director of Advocacy, Association of Corporate Counsel