ACC Chair’s Choice: What’s Not Legal About Compliance?

Over the past decade, a growing movement, led primarily by regulators, has sought to divide the legal and compliance function by arguing that chief compliance officers should report to chief executives and boards of directors, rather than general counsel, in order to embed a culture of compliance at the very top of the organization. But is that contention based on a misunderstanding of the true role of in-house counsel, who, under ethics rules, serve as lawyers for the organization itself? Join ACC Advocacy, along with a panel of general counsel, chief compliance officers and regulators, for a robust debate as to the implications of separate legal and compliance functions for the in-house bar and for the companies they represent.

David Allgood, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Royal Bank of Canada
Michael Julian, General Counsel, Group Compliance Officer, AEG Power Solutions
James Koukios, Senior Deputy Chief, Fraud Section, Criminal Division, United States Department of Justice
Amar Sarwal, Vice President & Chief Legal Strategist, Association of Corporate Counsel