New Standards For NY Lawyers Alter Conflict Waivers, Disclosures

Under new Rules of Professional Conduct for New York attorneys, effective April 1, conflict waivers must be in written form – oral waivers, previously permitted, are no longer acceptable. Also, lawyers will now be required to disclose to the court any false representations made by clients to a court or tribunal. These are the most significant ethics rule changes in the New York State Bar Association recommendations, modified and adopted late last year by the NY Chief Judge and Appellate division justices.

The new code also adopts the numbering and titling of the ABA Model Rules of Profession Conduct, already used to varying degrees in 48 other states, making it easier for New York lawyers to research ethical questions, rules and opinions in other jurisdictions.

For more information see below:

New York State Rules of Professional Conduct, effective April 1, 2009 article by Joel Stashenko, “New Attorney Ethics Standards to Take Effect in New York”