FILING UPDATE: Wisconsin Supreme Court Passes Final Rule Allowing In-House Pro Bono

The Wisconsin Supreme Court issued a final order supporting the right of registered in-house counsel to perform pro-bono services beginning on January 1, 2017. Additionally, the Court passed an initiative granting any lawyer practicing in Wisconsin the right to receive … Continue reading

FILING UPDATE: ACC’s Stance against Internal Law Firm Privilege Rejected by New York Court of Appeals

ACC’s stance against internal law firm privilege was rejected by the New York Court of Appeals in Stock v. Schnader, Harrison, Lewis & Segal (see our amicus brief here). In its amicus brief, ACC argued attorney-client privilege exists to serve the interests of clients and … Continue reading

FILING UPDATE: NYDFS Affirms ACC’s Position Against Criminal Liability for Compliance Officers

The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) affirmed ACC’s position on criminal liability for compliance officers in recently released anti-money laundering regulations. NYDFS significantly changed the compliance officer certification requirements, to which ACC had objected in a comment letter … Continue reading

FILING UPDATE: ACC Prevails in Case Involving a Novel Application of Rules of Professional Conduct to In-house Counsel Compensation

On May 9, 2016, ACC and its Washington Chapter prevailed in a case in the Washington Court of Appeals involving one of the most bizarre application of the rules of professional conduct to in-house counsel that ACC Advocacy has ever … Continue reading

Swiss Legislature Votes Against Measure to Extend Legal Privilege

The initiative to extend the legal professional privilege to in-house counsel introduced in the Swiss legislature by Swiss Council President Christa Markwalder has been voted down by the second chamber of the legislature. ACC had submitted a letter in support … Continue reading

ACC Supports Amendments Allowing Wisconsin’s In-house Lawyers to Provide Pro Bono Services

On March 4, 2016, ACC, in coordination with Corporate Pro Bono, as well as 24 general counsel and 44 attorneys in Wisconsin, signed a letter urging the Wisconsin Supreme Court to pass the petition amending Supreme Court Rules Chapter 31 and Chapter … Continue reading

KBR Internal Investigation Is Covered by Attorney-Client Privilege, D.C. Circuit Court Agrees

The attorney-client privilege covered the internal investigation because it was conducted for the purpose of obtaining legal advice; the fact that the investigation was undertaken as part of a mandatory regulatory and corporate compliance program, rather than for the sole … Continue reading

Agreeing with ACC, Arizona Legislature Passes Bill to Increase Funding for Court of Appeals

The Arizona Legislature should pass the bill because insufficient funding for the appellate system would interfere with the resolution of business disputes in the state. Please click here to view ACC letter. Background: The proposed budget for fiscal year 2015 … Continue reading